Welcome to Odyssey Reborn


It's come to my attention that Remote has put his Odyssey Classic up on github, check it out at https://github.com/CodeMallet/OdysseyClassic


I have shut down the Odyssey Reborn and the Odyssey Classic server for the time being. There isn't enough interest to continue hosting it and wasting the resources. I do continue to check my email periodically, hit me up if you have any questions/comments/concerns.


QBCrusher has put out a version of Odyssey and continues his efforts on the Odyssey history page. Check out his page and his progress at www.odysseyclassic.info. He also has a really cool ping tool to tell you which servers are online.


Some random updates, we are officially off of steam. I can't maintain both releases and the press/reviews we were getting weren't helping the game. Pure has taken over the lead god role on Odyssey Reborn. We have released an Odyssey Classic .dat based server that is more or less unmoderated. No houses, no store, just ReMoTe's classic dat. You can find it in the regular client under Odyssey Classic.


The source for Odyssey is being released to the public to use as they can. I no longer have the time or expertise to help out odyssey anymore then I already have. Check it out in Downloads

For a list of older updates check out our News Archive.