Odyssey Reborn, 7/7/2013, Brand new installer complete with updater Download Odyssey Reborn Now!

Odyssey Reborn Open Source, 4/4/2016. Download Open Source Installer!

Odyssey files will be installed in your respective Program Files / Odyssey Reborn Open Source folder. The client/server source files are in that directory. It comes ready to run right away, if you want to play with your friends you have to know how to edit the code. Start the server, make sure you're on port 5751, and run ody.exe, should be able to connect and play. The server.dat you start with is our original from Reborn. No updated quests, just different code.

FYI - The open source installer is not perfect. Known problems you will probably encounter as follows.

You MUST run server.exe as an administrator. If you mess with UAC settings a bit you can probably figure out how to get past it, but just right click run as admin.

You MUST run ody.exe as an administrator the first time. It has to install a .ocx file for odyssey to work, if you don't do this, you will get stuck at Initializing Direct Draw.

Start menu shortcuts not deleted on uninstall.