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Today was the big day, we released Odyssey Reborn on Steam, check out the steam store at to download.


Updates will now be posted here, with more detail than provided in game.

Mage Updates: Mages Freeze spell, Frost Blast, now only freezes for 1.2seconds in PvP. Costs 40Mana with a cooldown of 30seconds.

Game Updates:

Professions: The four professions; Blacksmith, Alchemist, Enchanter, and Jeweler are currently being worked on. Enchanter has been reworked to allow you to create scrolls which then are usable on gear to provide a buff. At max level, level 5, a player can create books that allow you to deal +3 additional damage to the class of your choice, but at the drawback of dealing -1 to any class other than the specialized one.

Blacksmithing has been updated to give proper information on the gear that is about to be created.


Calindor, a city south of the desert, has been opened! There are NPCs to be interacted with that upon completing their tasks a player can start to create viable PvP supplements or break down heroes/guardian tier gear into bars to convert into new gear. Each NPC does something different, and the tower is not yet complete, but is in the works of completion.


Been ages since I posted anything, for those of you who haven't been on there's been major changes. As of right now Jaron is more or less running the show. He pushed us up into the amazon cloud for hosting, Adrian and Paul are helping him bring in updates. We also have a new god to help out production, Chris aka RoyalNewb. QBCrusher also put up a site with some good stuff, check it out at


Jaron has once again done some amazing updates, fixed some previous implementations, all in all some great stuff. Skilling has gotten much easier, just hold your function key down, a pop up box for quests, so we can make a nice box come up for dialog, and a lot of good stuff you guys cant see. -=Rza=-


Jaron coded in some amazing updates today, including but not limited to a better player movement system, drag and drop inventory, and potentially eliminating our hourly lag spikes from the server writing out.


Forgot to announce the winners of the ad campaign, it was Lucci in first, Sleepy in second, and Painkiller in 3rd.


==========ADVERTISE CAMPAIGN, JULY 1ST-JULY 31ST==========

Odyssey Reborn is going on another advertising campaign. It is going to work differently than the last time. Each post will be evaluated and given a point value on a 1 to 3 scale! 1 point for basic forum posts. 2 points for screenshots and links, 3 points if you went out of your way to make it a good post. The timeframe for the whole operation will be one month. at the end of the month we will tally everyones points and winners will be rewarded 1st Place: Rubyburn Amulet - 2nd Place: 2 Room House (Not Custom) with access for 2 characters and in house skilling - 3rd Place: Sprite Select and Status Select on 1 character. For those of you who do not place in the top 3 there is still hope, you can cash in your points for EQ. 3 points per item, Hammer/GP/GH/LS. You must email Zef to get credit for submitted posts.


Servers back up.

Ran out of time before work trying to reconfigure my network, odyssey will be down until I get off work and have more time, sorry for the inconvenience.


Update in progress, probably should have gave a warning on that. Should be back up sometime soon.


New interface courtesy of paul to get us started


Testing out monsters on the new project.


For those of you who are wondering about the rumors of the "new project". This is it so far.


Server was down for some reason, no time to sit and investigate the issue. For those of you with outstanding requests, keep emailing me, I'm a busy guy and forget stuff.


Put the server back up temporarily to see if anyone has the desire to create a playerbase, if i see any progression in a short time period I might leave it up for awhile. Otherwise, enjoy the good old days while they last, I am sure they are limited. -=Rza=-


Reborn is officially offline for the time being. Jeremy and I have no time to devote to the project, and with the lack of players and interest, no motivation to work on it. Fear not, BaD is still actively engaged in his source revamp. I do actively check my email still, and try to keep up with the happenings of Odyssey. If anyone has updates or concerns, shoot me an email and I will do what I can to keep the community informed. -=Rza=-


Put up a new site to help people break into the cryptocurrency world. Jeremy and I have had some good success with it and all you need to get started is a decent computer. James has also had a wealth of success and he was the one who got us into it. Checkout and help me spread the word. The good thing about cryptocurrency is the more people that know the more valuable the "coins" are. On a side note, though we have been still working on odyssey we have yet to make a huge breakthrough, mostly because of conflicting schedules and busy work weeks. I assume it will come soon that Jeremy and I pull the plug on Reborn and start to focus all efforts on other projects. I still check my email fairly regularly so if you guys have any comments hit me up at


BaD has started a huge source revamp for the general Odyssey community using the Odyssey Classic source that James released. He will be posting his updates on his github site You can also hit him up on his email

Stay tuned for updates we will do our best to keep his progress updated on here. -=Rza=-


Busted out a server reboot, first one in like months it seems, creatures weren't attacking or moving. For our locals that log on still, we do greatly appreciate it, but the game seems that it has hit its wall. The server will remain up until mid February to judge traffic, if we have no more players, we will with great regret, be taking the server offline. Stay tuned. -=Rza=-


Huge update, lowered miss chance again, and mapswitch is drastically reduced. More to come since I am out of school for right now. Stay tuned. -=Rza=-


Server is back online, had some technical difficulties to overcome but its back up, and we got to do the update as well.


Server is down due to the host's ISP. Luckily, it coincides with updates we are working on. We will post more info when we have it.


Well it's about time to give a mass update of what has been happening in the world of Odyssey. I will give a quick summary of things. First of all, we would like to thank Von(Jesse) for this awesome new banner you can see above. You can now use /guild hud to check on your fellow guildmates. There has been a recent rebalance to tighten up PK balance to where we want it. The enchanter job has also been rebalanced using much more player friendly amounts of materials. Enchanter has also received some new level 5 enchants to go along with that. More recently, we have centralized the guild buff system along the outskirts of Crendale, as opposed to walking all the way to the desert, or Alphevale Village to capture them. Things we are currently working on include a HUGE sprites update. This is something that we should have done before we ever released the server, but live and learn. The last thing I will add to this list is that we are working on a job that will make lumberjacking far more useful than it currently is. As always, you can email me with questions/comments/concerns. Last but not least, here is a couple pk videos to enjoy and


Haven't posted anything up for awhile, here's the quick rundown on whats been happening online.

Sep 2nd - /joblevel now available. Tells you current job level and how far to progress to the next job level.
Sep 3rd - You should be able to use skills much faster now.
Sep 4th - Added /helpcommand, mostly for new players but a helpful reminder to everyone.
Sep 4th - /helper command added to identify player helpers for new guys, let someone know if you want to be on the list.
Sep 5th - Between Two Rivers now has a challenge point to control a +1DMG guild buff.
Sep 5th - /updates is back in the mix, people don't read them anyways, might as well be a script.
Sep 8th - Glass Shield, Flamewave, Bascinet, Banner Shield, Arcane Shield, Solid Ring, Defense Ring, Defense Pendant, Power Ring, and Faith Protector added to disenchantable list.
Sep 8th - Smelting should be much faster now, especially with large amounts of ore.
Sep 8th - Repairing GP/GH etc now saves your enchanter enchants.
Sep 8th - Pickaxe/Fishing Pole/Lumbering Axe is now available, they give +5 skill level in their skill. Each item lasts 1000 successful hits of mining/fishing/lumbering. While you have one of the items, the chance is double to hit rare gems/eq/mystery fruit, etc. It is not recommended to use this item if you are level 255, when it breaks you will go back down to level 250 to regain that experience.
Sep 9th - You can now double click your Pickaxe/FishingPole/Lumbering Axe to see how many hits are left on it.
Sep 12th - Garden and Haunted House quests have been remapped.
Sep 13th - +1 Dmg and +1 Def Enchant Scrolls added as rare drops on 2 monsters, good luck.
Sep 14th - Xinvulis did the code to make projectiles and magic projectiles miss, so bows and meteor blast have been restored to their normal damage.
Sep 14th - Remapped Norax and Castle Quests.
Sep 15th - Dark Knight hostable event now available for purchase with time tokens(500). Bring all your friends, you will need them.
Sep 16th - We have 2 different Last Stand objects floating throughout the world. It will hinder us in the long run if we continue to let it happen. Inside Dragonia Arena you will be able to trade the Last Stand we no longer will be using for trade for a new one.
Sep 16th - Added a safeguard to repairing gp/gh etc, you shouldn't be able to repair a second item until you re equip the first one, therefore you shouldnt ever lose your enchants.
Sep 16th - Fixed an issue with the Incog from time tokens, you get all the available sprites now.


We are discontinuing the advertising campaign for right now, those of you that had already submitted will still get rewarded but I won't be able to continue this pace throughout the week. I hope you still continue to advertise without having to get rewarded for doing so.


A new jobs system has been released recently. Make your way to southeastern Babylon to pick your job.


We are launching another advertising reward program. All entries can use the supplied description. You must upload a couple screenshots and all rewards will be given for major sites only ( etc). So, that being said, if you post up Odyssey Reborn onto a major reputable site, along with a few screenshots at a minimum, you will be rewarded a Hammer of Frost, Guardian Plate, Last Stand, and Guardian Helm for a post on a major game listing site. Forums and other minor posts will get you 1 item out of the set (Your Choice). See description below. Send both Slasher and I an email with a link to your post for your reward. and

Odyssey Reborn is a free 2d top-view online RPG that is set within a medieval setting with SNES like graphics. There are several player classes available, Knight, Mage, Crusader, Necromancer, Rogue, and Cleric. The main playerbase focuses on PVP but the game is also very well setup for PvE action.

Odyssey is a fairly basic hack and slash ORPG (Online Role Playing Game). It is designed to run on lower end computers, some as slow as 66mhz. Instead of focusing highly on visual, and aural elements, Odyssey tends to focus on gameplay value, and replayability.

"The Odyssey Engine" is the sole inspiration for many other games such as the original "Mirage Online", which ultimately transformed the ease of Online RPG creation with the Playerworlds program. The Odyssey was started in the mid-90s and is widely said to be the first successful VB6 MORPG.


We have had to revert hosting for the time being due to so many people having issues. We're still trying to work out the kinks and will switch back to the new host once we can guarantee everybody can log on. So for those of you that were having issues, it should be fine now.

UPDATE: We have once again migrated to the new host and bypassed the DNS system. Everyone should be able to log on fine and have a much improved ping. If you are still having issues, step one is to reboot your computer and make sure you run the updater. If that fails, contacts us through email or someone in-game, IM, facebook, or whatever method you see fit.


So, just discovered the server was down when I got home at approximately midnight. According to other people, server was down approximately two hours, so we apologize for that. If you're still having problems logging in, please let us know via email. With the server relocation, hopefully everyone can successfully connect without any issues.


Server was relocated to Wisconsin, we did experience minimal downtime, but it wasnt bad. Send us emails if you guys cant get on.


Due to some construction in Hawaii, the server will be down until roughly 8pm eastern time.

UPDATE: Server is back online.


The super delayed rap contest results.

Slicer - Winner

RatchetFapper - Runner Up


It has been some time since we posted up here due to being extremely busy with personal stuff. I thought I would make a quick post just to let everyone know that we are still working. We will announce the winner of the rap battle once we get everything uploaded and we can notify all the contestants. There has been a lot of content added recently including two new quests and many new items to work towards, including some projectile weapons to add a little depth into the pk and just so everyone has some more options for what gear they choose to use. We are also working on getting everything from the tournament posted up in the gallery section. As always, if you guys have screenshots or ideas or comments/concerns, feel free to email me at


Introducing the first rap battle tournament. Get in with Odysseychallenge.mp3. The Contest will go for a week, So...Tuesday the 6th we will decide a winner. Record your voiceover on the beat and send it to & Winner will recieve 3 full fledged sets of guardian. Runner up will receive 1 set.


Due to lag concerns we wont be letting a ton of people in the tournament area to watch, however, you are more then welcome to watch the live feed at . Good luck to everyone participating tonight.


Server has been down for around 8 or 9 hours now. Accidently crashed it messing with a script. On the plus side, expect a couple of nice updates when the server comes back up. Plus as requested, the site now has its own independent Quest Guides page(The lightbulb isn't as cool anymore, had to push it over so you could actually click the quest guides link). -Rza


We will be holding a 1v1 Tournament on Sunday afternoon at 6pm CST. It will be an equal equipment tournament, we will provide you with equipment to fight and then take it back from you when you're done fighting. All classes are fair game. Prizes: 3rd Place - Your choice of one GH, GP, Aegis, or Hammer 2nd Place - Two Choices of that set 1st Place - Full set of GH/GP/Aegis/Hammer plus 1mil gold. All questions regarding this matter can be directed towards SouL, he will be in charge of this event.


Well the server experienced its first unplanned downtime today. We all knew it would eventually happen, unfortunately I was at work so I could not remedy the problem in a timely manner. We are still looking into the cause of it to ensure that it does not happen in the future. The culprit seems to be one of the mini-game scripts, but we will continue to analyze and dig deeper on this matter.


A lot of good updates have come out today based on feedback from the communitty. First thing that we have done is raise global damage slightly. What does that mean to the average Odyssey player? It means that you will hit for more in PK and in quests. We also made almost all equipment up to and including Heroes repairable. One last piece of information for you guys is that we have removed Push due to its constant abuse and replaced it with AllShowNoGo. If you had already purchased Push, it is automatically replaced with AllShowNoGo, just type /allshownogo.


It has been a little while since we've posted our progress, mainly because we've been so busy. Heres some things that have been added since the last news posting. Crusader Spells: Holy strike and Mending Prayer. Necromancer Spells: Invictus, Siphon HP, Mystical Aura, Maelstrom, and Siphon Mana. Other updates include the addition of a swear filter, and the addition of custom player houses to the store again. In order to accomodate the addition of custom player houses, we have picked up another staff member, Grimm to the team. The items that you are able to smith via mining has been changed slightly to include class rings. And last but certainly not least, we have added enchanting back into the game. If you are looking for an edge in PK, I strongly advise checking it out.


Update is completed. We added two new classes that will continue to be developed in the near future. I wouldn't expect much out of them right away because they are undeveloped, they have no spells, no magic abilities, they're just characters at this point. We have also removed the missing of skills when they are max level. We are working on a sprites update, but it needs some more work still.


Class Change and Account Recovery now available for purchase in the store.


Made another installer for those of you still having problems, should work for you, make sure you uninstall, reboot, and then reinstall.

UPDATE: You must run odyssey.exe, the shortcut created on your desktop is pointing to ody.exe, use the shortcut in your start menu.

For those of you having issues logging back on the solution should be an uninstall, COMPUTER REBOOT AFTER UNINSTALL, reinstall, make sure you use the shortcut in the start menu, email if there is any problems after you reboot and run odyssey again.


New installer released, hit up the Downloads page to get back online.


The Odyssey Reborn store is now open.


Odyssey Reborn has its first level 80! Congratulations to Sharif for being the first player to reach max level. To go along with this news. expect some minor equipment changes as PVP starts to progress. We will be tweaking high end equipment and lowering a lot of level requirements.


Server is back up, had to restore to a server file from a few hours ago.


We have updated the Gallery section of the page and have that up and running. We don't have many screenshots anymore. If you have some that you would like to see in the gallery, email them to us and we will add them in.


The server is now on a dedicated machine and hardwired. We will continue to work out any bugs that arise. You can email me at with questions/comments/concerns.


Slasher has been nice enough to host Odyssey Classic once again. Check out the Downloads page to play.